3 Traditionally Offline Industries That Are Going Online

The list features some all-star companies that did a brilliant job of digitizing on the fly

Source | | Jennifer Spencer

They say that to survive, you must adapt. The past several months have proven that to be particularly true, especially among the numerous industries forced to digitally transform their operations overnight in an effort to stave off economic collapse

Of course, the digitization of some industries, such as , and advertising, has been underway for many years now. However, there were several essential industries that had yet to hop on the bandwagon and were sent scrambling for solutions. Luckily for all of us, their perseverance paid off.

Here’s a look at three such exemplars of resilience.


All sorts of health services inevitably found their way online during lockdowns, and many of them intend to remain web-based. In the U.S., calls are intensifying to retain telehealth as part of a much-needed healthcare revolution. Elsewhere, the ’s National Health Service recently approved Babylon Health — which operates an AI-based triage interface to interpret symptoms — as a primary care provider.

Betterspeech is one example of a healthcare provider that plans to continue offering 100 percent online speech therapy beyond the pandemic in an effort to improve access for older patients and those affected by mobility or psychological issues. 

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