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3 Valuable Skills That Have Doubled My Income as a Data Scientist

In a year, I have learned three essential skills that have opened a new world of possibilities

By | Abid Ali Awan |

Let’s start by introducing myself. I am a certified data scientist who works multiple job roles (data science copywriting and editing) for multiple companies. You can call me an individual contractor. Furthermore, I provide consultancy for machine learning adoption, creating infographics, and beta testing the data products. 

While juggling multiple job roles I have realized that technical skills are not the core part of the job. Learning new tools or methodologies can give you an advantage over your peers, but they are not core skills. 

Before we dive into three valuable skills, I want you to ask yourself:

  1. Do you usually complete the task accurately within the time frame?
  2. Does your work represent you? 
  3. Do you understand the problem and come up with an optimal solution?
  4. Are you a curious individual?
  5. Do you voice your concerns about the project?

If the answers to the above questions are all “yes”, then you will agree with the core skills that I am going to mention. Else, you will learn valuable lessons that will potentially double your current income.  

1. Time Management

3 Valuable Skills That Have Doubled My Income as a Data Scientist
Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash
Time management is crucial for the individual contractor and an employee. Your ability to complete tasks on time will affect the whole team. Even if you are working solo, your ability to complete the contract within a given time frame will help you a long way. 

Meeting Project Deadlines

Meeting deadlines will make you a dependable member of the team, and it will earn you favor among higher management. Even as a freelancer, completing the project on time will improve your reputation, and companies are willing to pay a high price for quality and timely submission. 

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