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3 Ways to Build a Brand Authentically While Showing Up Powerfully

By | Divya Parekh |

Authentic leadership is one of the most powerful ways to build a career, grow a business, and create a lifelong legacy. The energy in which you show up speaks long before you say anything. Your vibe can attract or repel.

In a world full of constant Internet marketing hype and consumers that have negative experiences, people are looking for the real thing. People worldwide are searching for authentic leaders who care about helping solve problems and live a better life.

Access to social media has given us exposure to many different perceived views of success. Modeling your leadership approach on someone that seems successful is not the best strategy. You don’t see the complete picture of how they got there. What you see is not what you get on the Internet.

To create growth in your life and in the way you generate an income, you’ll want to show up powerfully but authentically. Here are three ways to build a powerful and authentic brand that allows you to consistently show up and create your legacy. Use these to live a life of success and leadership. 

1. Add value long before there’s consideration of a transaction. 

People can feel when all you want to do is sell to them. The needy sales approach often repels potential opportunities and keeps others from wanting to know what you offer. Authentic leaders lead with value. They offer consumers practical knowledge, expertise, and tangible content they can use long before there is a transaction. 

One of the best brand-building strategies is a value-first approach. You prove that you are a leader that should be paid attention to by the value you’re adding to consumers. Modern communication mediums mean that you can add value through social media, podcasts, videos, and various digital methods to publish content and help people. 

Leading with value draws outside consumers to your brand and creates raving fans. It builds a legacy as you help people that you’ll never even be aware of. The value-first energy you’ll put out will be magnetic and fuel growth.

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