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Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship: Why Entrepreneurs Do What They Do

The book is centered around the idea of “needs” and its impact on various aspects of entrepreneurship. It explores ideas around what motivates/stops people from getting into entrepreneurship, what needs of a business gets met by getting into business, what needs of entrepreneurs get met by getting into entrepreneurship, do market conditions attract people to do biz or is there something in a person that attracts him/her to a business opportunity, process on how to discover customer needs (introduces the idea of the structure of a met/unmet needs statement), empathy/EI (introduces NVC and ABCDE framework from REBT), congruence between long term and short term needs, new ideas generation and breakout innovation, goal setting, motivation, decision making patterns of pioneers/followers, coping with business failures, etc.

Some Testimonials:

“Great book! I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I was thrilled that you quoted an article from, Roger Martin, one of my former Professors at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School.” – Paul Sacco, Propheta Lucro Management Consultants, University of Toronto – Rotman School of Management, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

” I think this book is a must read for the young generation of entrepreneurs that India boasts ” – MD Ramesh, President & Regional Head, South & East Africa, Olam International. Author of ‘Amazing Africa – a Corporate Journey’

“This book is a ‘simple to read’ guide to enjoying the journey to business success and becoming a better person in the bargain” – Ravi Pandey, President International, Rolta, United Kingdom

“Everyone, at some time, has dreamt of being an entrepreneur. This amazing book is the ideal faithful companion for your entrepreneurial journey where you need much more than just passion for succeeding. A must read for anyone who has an entrepreneurial dream and for those who wish to bring more entrepreneurship in their current jobs. Don’t miss it !” – Rahul Gambhir, Managing Director, Twinings Pvt. Ltd, India

“Partha asks a provocative question ‘why do entrepreneurs do what they do?’He threads together multiple facets of entrepreneurship to answer the question. By connecting the dots between what entrepreneurs do and who they are, Partha paves the way for a reflective entrepreneur who is self-aware and more effective. A fascinating read for every entrepreneur.” – Dr. Ankush Chopra, Professor of Strategy and Innovation, Author of “The Dark Side of Innovation,” School of Management Fribourg, Switzerland

“Unmet Needs of Entrepreneurship is a refreshingly different and interesting take on the entrepreneurial journey. Partha analyses the psychology and needs that end up defining how folks handle various stages – starting from deciding to take the plunge to figuring out what works for building a business and the often unfortunate reality of failure. He adds a nice human element to the frameworks and concepts. Good read for anyone curious about the psychology of entrepreneurship and the issues and emotions involved in the journey.” – Saumil Majmudar, Co-founder & MD, SportzVillage

“Partha has weaved his insights and understanding of human psychology to give new meaning to the structure of needs and its impact on various aspects of business. He provokes the reader to reflect on many aspects of entrepreneurship. The witty illustrations, simple models and numerous examples make it a highly readable book. Highly recommended for students, budding entrepreneurs and business leaders.” – Dr. G Shainesh, Professor – Marketing & Dean – Administration, IIM Bangalore

“Partha has brought a unique perspective to the hyper- analytical world of entrepreneurship. By turning the spotlight on the emotional drivers for the key players in the entire value chain, he has added a whole new dimension to the way one ought to look at the success drivers for entrepreneurship: a truly fresh perspective. ” – Hari Ponnekanti, Corporate Vice President and Fellow, Applied Materials Inc, California

“Whether you are a current or an aspiring entrepreneur, this is a gem of a book which takes a unique perspective to help align your purpose with your goals. Partha’s entrepreneurial experience shines through in this book, and packs incisive tips and advice and useful frameworks, to help you make thoughtful and smart decisions for yourself, your family and your work.” – Amita Choudhury, Global diversity and inclusion director, Unilever

I also do talks centered around entrepreneurship. The book is a nice affordable gift that can be given to participants of various events!

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