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39 qualities that make ordinary people extraordinary

By | Lachlan Brown |

What separates ordinary people from extraordinary people?

Quite a lot, actually, as it turns out…

Here’s a look:

39 qualities that make ordinary people extraordinary

1) They take closed doors and open them wide

When a door is closed it can be intimidating. After all, it must be closed for a reason, and who are you to open it?

Maybe you knock a few times or even shout out “hello?!” but then you eventually turn away…

Not so with extraordinary people. Even a door that’s locked is a door they never forget.

They will come back to it again and again if it’s part of their goal and eventually they’ll have the key to open it wide.

Obstacles are nothing but motivation for extraordinary people.

2) They use failure as fuel

Ordinary people take failure as the final word. If they fail law school they become another profession instead.

If they get injured playing Aussie rules football, then they decide the sport is too rough…

But extraordinary people take a setback and use it as fuel, not as an excuse.

Whenever possible, they move forward and use disappointment and pain as reminders of what’s important to them and why.

As Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson explains here, failure and heartbreak have been his greatest motivator.

As he says, “the thing that has worked for me is to remember the hard times.”

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