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4 Basic Truths That Will Improve Your Leadership Skills Overnight


Every new year we’re presented with the opportunity to reflect on our habits and the kinds of people we choose to be each day. For those of us in leadership roles, we’re often left pondering the meaning of our leadership and how to bring it to the next level

But what are the areas of leadership we should aim for? Too often, when we seek to improve and get to our next stage of development, we forget to return to the fundamentals. Sometimes the best way to improve is to simply reinforce some basic truths. 

Here are four that you should keep in mind while leveling up in 2020.

1. Stick to your values

An essential way that leaders can get back to basics is by encouraging the best aspects of their team’s values.

According to Hank Ostholthoff, CEO of Mabbly, “culture is a reflection of leadership. Simply, my job is to recognize and encourage talent and our values. Empathy, vulnerability, and autonomy are the keys to building an organization filled with a thriving, connected, and productive workforce.”

2. Focus on relationships

According to Gallup, 70 percent of the variance in employee experience stems from the manager. This means that any number of things, including retention, engagement, productivity, and more, falls on the manager’s shoulders. Although this may seem like a daunting set of responsibilities for managers, it offers a clear picture of what leaders need to do: build relationships. 

Building relationships doesn’t have to be difficult. Rashada Whitehead, head of culture, diversity, and inclusion at Grant Thornton, notes, “The simple practice of saying ‘good morning’ to team members, the ability to call someone by name, or connecting back to a moment or story that matters, demonstrates that people and relationships are a priority beyond a profit.”

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