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By | Isabella Sarlija |

After this particularly grueling year, a slew of companies have launched new products and initiatives to improve our mental health. And while we’re not here to dismiss the $300 box of essential oils sitting next to your diffuser, nor are we here to say that ayahuasca trips or Reiki retreats do nothing. Many of these treatments, practices, and tools are prohibitively expensive, making them out of reach for the majority of the people interested in trying out new wellness options.

Luckily, connecting to your inner self, healing, and prioritizing your mental and emotional well-being don’t have to be totally inaccessible. In fact, we uncovered four separate wellness practices that you can enjoy from the safety and comfort of your home—because everyone deserves the opportunity to align with their higher selves for a better quality of life.


When we think of meditation, we often envision a person sitting in the woods somewhere, looking so relaxed they don’t even seem human. The practice can seem quite intimidating, if not impossible to perform when we live in shoebox-sized apartments in busy cities with demanding careers. We’re here to remind you that there is no correct way or setting to meditate—meditation is simply the practice of grounding yourself in the now by clearing your racing mind.

So yes, you can meditate virtually anywhere and anytime without ever opening your wallet. That means you can embrace the practice in your bedroom while you’re feeling that midday burnout, and even in the shower when you catch yourself spiraling from your day’s to-do list. All you need is a quiet space in your home or neighborhood where you can be alone, and your breath. And no worries if you are a meditation novice: Here is a great (and free) guided meditation that can help you on your path to looking within. Just remember—like any new skill, it will take some time and practice to master, so don’t get too frustrated if you’re struggling to clear your mind in the beginning.

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