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4 Factors From Childhood That Are Strong Indicators of Success

Here are the core elements of early life that typically lead to professional success

By | Blake Johnson |

I have long believed that success starts earlier than most people think. A lot of people assume that success begins when stakes are involved, often at University or in the working world. I argue that a successful mindset begins much, much earlier than that. I can often trace a successful person’s characteristics and mindset all the way back to childhood when stakes were nonexistent and minds were more elastic.

Higher education, work experience, and networking are all important success determinants, but I have largely found that the most important element in success is the entrepreneurial mindset – and that can and should be fostered in childhood. It is never too early to foster an outlook and characteristics that will set a person up for success. The younger a person starts, the easier the journey will be.

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I believe that there are four core elements that, if present in childhood, are strong indicators of success. If you are raising children, looking for next-generation talent, or simply curious about what leads to achievement-oriented people, then understanding these four elements is crucial. 

Here are the four things in childhood that help determine success:

1. Company kept

The people that we surround ourselves with have a profound impact on how we view ourselves and the world around us. The more you talk to someone and the more you spend time with them, the more your viewpoints will sync up. If you spend time with people less intelligent and ambitious than you, they are unlikely to ever reach your potential. You will learn to aim lower since the bar around you is lower.

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