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4 Guaranteed Strategies to Make Every Sales Visit Count.. Even if the deal isn’t closed

Source | LinkedIn | RAVI SUNDARAM | Transforming the performance of people, teams & their leadership, across discerning organizations world wide

When you started selling, didn’t you sometimes think, may be sales is not for me?

Or even if you didn’t, doesn’t #sales sometimes feel like a jungle out there?

We’re all beginners.

Or beginners who began decades ago. Because, seasoned pros too still have things to polish in their sales craft

It’s easy to be mesmerized by the daily grind of the call-pitch-close-and-negotiate cycle. The cost? Our skills

So, meet the #MiSalesCoach. He will share with you hard won lessons and hacks from a life-time spent in sales

If you are a new comer to sales, these lessons will give your sales career a running start and become a GPS to navigate away from costly errors. In case you’ve been around for a while, the insights will shore up your basics and help internalize best practices

Let’s listen to the Sales Coach

The Sales Coach looked up from his desk scattered with papers and photos and smiled.

The new Salesperson said: “I missed you big time during the last quarter. I’m starting to feel that this could well be my last quarter here”

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