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4 Habits That Helped Me Reach My First Million

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How do you become a millionaire? There are many ways.

I tried playing the lotto before but then I realized that the odds of winning are atomic. I also tried climbing up the corporate ladder but I felt that I’m not cut out for a 9-to-5 job.

Then, I tried entrepreneurship, which worked for me and so I started earning good money. However, while I began to live comfortably, my net worth wasn’t growing as fast as I wanted to.

It was not until I learned these four habits that I started to see real growth on my account. It took a few more years but eventually, my net worth reached seven digits.

What are these habits? That’s what I’m sharing with you today so that hopefully, it can also help you see that first million in your bank account.

1. Buying things that are durable.

I learned to give durability the most weight when choosing which brand or item to buy. I would read online reviews and ask for feedback from friends before deciding on major purchases.

This allowed me to save money, especially on shoes, bags, clothes, and gadgets, because I didn’t have to replace them as often. For instance, I prefer an iPhone because they last 2 years longer with me than my experience on Android phones with similar specs.

Moreover, I realized that durability doesn’t always come with a premium price. Most are just at mid-range, like Rusty Lopez, whose leather shoes I find to be really durable.

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