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4 Key Points for Fostering Positive Virtual Engagement in the Time of Global Social Distancing

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In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, Connect the Dots, a stakeholder engagement firm backed by Enterprise Ireland, Ireland’s trade and innovation agency, has been working to redefine the processes that drive their core work.

Connect the Dots works towards the development of better stakeholder engagement tools and processes to enable insight-led decision making for public and private sectors.

The company has translated its traditional in-person, end-to-end stakeholder engagement activity into a robust, remote process due to restrictions on face-to-face contact on both sides of the Atlantic.

Now more than ever, Connect the Dots Co-Founders, and Directors Marisa Denker and Naomi Murphy emphasize that there are four key points that companies should adhere to in order to remain virtually engaged with employees, partners, and customers:

  1. Empathy: It’s essential to understand the evolving needs of stakeholders in order to adapt responses and solutions in an agile way.
  2. Transparency: Organizations of all types and sizes need to develop transparent, accessible, and clear two-way communications to keep stakeholders connected.
  3. Collaboration: Empathetic and transparent collaboration leads to innovation and resilience; important pillars for any organization.
  4. Creativity: Fostering creative methods, cultures, and working environments is a powerful tool for driving engagement across the entire organization, benefiting internal and external customers alike.

“We help our clients to understand and work with their stakeholders to gather insights, enabling them to make optimum decisions based on people’s needs and ideas,” said Denker.

“And right now, empathy is more important than ever — all our needs are quickly evolving, and priorities are changing as the situation progresses, so it’s imperative to build trust with all stakeholders and take the time to carefully listen and understand their concerns is very important right now.”

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