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4 Key Things to Consider During Your Job Search

By | Craig Middleton

Searching for a new job? Whether you’re just starting your career, or you’ve already had plenty of work experience, finding a new job can be a difficult task. Here are four crucial things to look for as you go about your job search.

Company Culture

As you go about your job search, take time to review each company’s organizational culture to see if you could be a good fit. You can do this by reading online reviews from previous employees, as well as stopping by to take a tour of the business premises.

Additionally, if you are chosen for an interview, take time to ask plenty of questions regarding workplace culture and try to get a feel for the company’s overall vibe. Talk to current employees to get a read on how happy they are at work. Companies with a positive workplace culture are able to hire and retain some of the best talent, so you should feel proud when one of these companies takes an interest in you!


You’re going to be spending the majority of your week at work, so it’s important that you get along with your coworkers. While you are interviewing for jobs, try to connect with some of the team members that you’ll see every day if you eventually take the job. Take some time to consider just how you will fit in with the whole team. A job may offer a great salary, perks and benefits, but if you can’t stand your coworkers, every workday will be a challenge. Work with people you enjoy being around.


While you explore potential employers, pay attention to each company’s mission statement. You’ll want to know if a company is exceeding goals, or if they’re going down a path that’s bad for business. Pay attention to upper level executives within a given company. Do they have a strategic vision and the leadership skills to put a plan into action?

If a company has incompetent leadership, you’ll want to stay far away. At any point in your career, stability needs to be a priority. You need to know that a business will be successful for the foreseeable future so that you’ll earn a steady paycheck and keep your financial interests secure.

Advancement Opportunities

When you reach out to potential employers, one of the first questions you should ask is whether the company has plenty of opportunities for advancement and a good track record of promoting from within. If you can see yourself developing your career with a particular company, find out if the company offers opportunities for professional development and continuing education or training. In today’s job market, you can never have too much experience or too many skills. Choose a job that allows you to keep your skills sharp, as well as learn new ones.

Taking on a job search doesn’t need to be a daunting process. Have confidence and explore all available options. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to find the perfect job for you!


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