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4 Leadership Practices That Make Employees Want To Stay

By | Tony Gambill | Leadership Development | Executive Coach | Speaker | FORBES Contributor | Author

One of the most pressing issues for leaders today is retaining their best talent. The combination of an abundance of opportunities, increasing pay levels, remote working options, and changing attitudes about work have come together to make even the most loyal employees consider exploring new career opportunities. 

A recent survey from McKinsey cited the top reasons employers said that their employees quit their jobs were compensation, work-life balance, and poor physical and emotional health. By contrast, the top three factors’ employees cited as reasons for quitting were not feeling valued by their organizations, not feeling valued by their managers, and not feeling a sense of belonging at work. This research highlights that organizations must address the baseline issues of equitable pay and flexible working situations, but their leaders must address the relational and motivational issues of the day-to-day working environment.

Organizations need leaders who care and give workers a sense of purpose, inspiration, and motivation to perform. Creating this type of environment does not mean that employees will never quit their jobs, but if they choose to leave, they will be doing so because of a great career opportunity. Below are the 4 Leadership Practices That Make Employees Want To Stay.

1) A Strong Foundation

Have you worked on a team that lacked clarity of goals, priorities, and roles? If the answer is yesyou probably experienced some of the following repercussions:

  • Low-performance levels
  • Missed deadlines
  • Lack of team trust
  • Ongoing team conflict

It is well-researched and documented that a leader must help their employees and teams establish meaningful goals and role clarity to support performance, strong relationships, and engagement

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