4 management tips from Spiceworks’ cofounder

Building a tight-knit and productive team starts at the top. Spiceworks’ cofounder, Scott Abel, shares four management tips to foster transparency, trust and loyalty in your group

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Scott Abel, cofounder of IT community Spiceworks, spent nine years as the company’s CEO, stepping down earlier this year to focus on product strategy and culture. During his tenure, the company grew from a handful of employees to more than 425, and last year was named one of Glassdoor’s top 10 best places to work. 

Abel, now chief strategy officer, says that making Spiceworks a company people wanted to work for has been key to its growth and success. “The secret to being a good leader is having your team believe at their core that you care about their success,” he says. “If your team knows that, loyalty, honesty and the good work they’re capable of will follow.” 

Achieving a transparent, honest and open workplace culture is easier said than done. Here are four management tips and strategies Abel used to cultivate those qualities, which he says any leader can use to foster a tighter, more productive team. 

1. Connect with staff from the start 

Making a positive connection with your staff starts before they join the team, Abel says. As Spiceworks grew, Abel met with each job finalist – not to give hiring managers input, but to make an impression with the candidates.

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