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4 Misconceptions About Personal Branding You Need To Abandon Right Now

Source | FastCompany : By Erica Breuer, The Muse

When I was a kid I hated pizza. I told myself that it made me sick, a lie I blindly clung to until I was 12 years old. Then I tried a slice and it was, of course, delicious.

I was instantly annoyed with myself for getting in my own way for so long.

As a personal branding coach, I hear people tell themselves lies all the time. Real whoppers that keep them from where they’re going. Want to make sure you’re not your own worst enemy? Wipe these lies from your brain space.

1. “I’m Not The Kind Of Person Who Needs A Web Presence”

This is the lie I hear from my clients most frequently. It’s usually paired with the mantra “I’m really kind of a private person” or “I hate social media.” The worst case I’ve run into was a super talented woman targeting a digital marketing job—and she was doing it without an active Twitter feed. Yikes!

The truth: You can have an active web presence without baring your soul.

If you’re in any vein of technology or marketing these days, you have to be active on more than just LinkedIn. But you don’t have to be the type of person who shares pictures of your lunch or tweets every thought you have to build your brand on the web. You don’t even have to churn out lengthy blog posts to start branding yourself as someone who’s engaged in an industry.

All you have to do is select one to two social platforms that work for you and engage with content that’s relevant to your area of expertise. Simple shares and comments every other day or so.

That’s it. Crazy simple, right?

2. “I’m Already Branded As [Insert Job Title] And It’s Too Late To Shake Things up Now”

While the thought of rebranding yourself may seem only slight better than a kick to the face, it’s not impossible. Does it take some strategy? Sure. Can it be time-expensive? Kinda.

But rebranding yourself isn’t impossible.

I’ve seen folks make some pretty far-fetched career changes. A museum curator who found her true calling in fundraising and development. An executive turned hypnotherapist. It’s never too late to turn your brand on its head, especially if you’re feeling frustrated, stuck, or unfulfilled in your current career.

Sure, some leaps are easier than others, but in most cases a regular dose of micro-change—whether it’s in the form of volunteer work, side hustles, new certifications, or some shameless authority marketing—can help you flip your brand around in no time.

Stop kidding yourself and take steps toward what you love.

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