4 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Building an MVP

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Every entrepreneur gets personally attached to his or her product. Only some of them, though, see how dangerous that is.

Although minimum viable products do get concepts to market faster, that’s only part of their purpose. MVPs also serve as gut checks for entrepreneurs, preventing them from pouring money into their grand idea before giving the market so much as a peek. By minimizing entrepreneurs’ upfront investment and generating feedback, MVPs prevent costly, emotion-driven mistakes.

But while “minimum viable product” might sound self-explanatory, too many entrepreneurs misunderstand or outright skip the MVP. And unless their investors are exceptionally forgiving, startups only get one shot. If they build a start-to-shelf product that flops, it’s too late to try again.

MVP Mistakes

If you’re ready to take your product beyond the drawing board, congratulations: You’re about to experience the single most exciting part of entrepreneurship. Just don’t let the following derail your MVP

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