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4 New Trends in Leadership to Watch in 2020

It's a new decade, and that means approaches and perspectives are bound to change. Leadership is no different

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Some professional circles let their enthusiasm for the philosophy of leadership blind them to its application. Instead of practicing what they preach, leaders pick trendy new books and speakers every year, throwing managers into chaos as they struggle to keep up with best practices.

As Gen-Z enters the workforce in droves, the days of theory over practice have come to an end. While Millennials were experience-focused and high-minded, members of Gen-Z are practical and focused. They expect to have frequent face-to-face talks with their managers, plenty of flexibility for telecommuting, and opportunities to make the world a better place through their work. They saw what happened to Millennials during the crash of the late 2000s. Gen-Zers don’t just want to avoid the same fate — they want to make sure that others don’t suffer in their place.

They aren’t the only ones demanding change in leadership, though. Increased access to information means employees of all ages have more context by which to judge their leaders. Managers, meanwhile, have no excuses left. Anyone in a leadership position in 2020 should know what employees expect and how to deliver on those expectations in ways that benefit both the employees and the businesses where they work.

Whether you manage a team of one or 100, embrace the new reality of leadership by keeping an eye on these trends with staying power:

Proactive Rewards for Smart Risks

Plenty of companies claim they want employees to take risks. In reality, most managers continue to encourage employees to play it safe. Leaders who allow too much risk under their watch get the axe, while leaders who allow too little usually hit their quarterly numbers and deal with fewer heated arguments.

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