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4 of Today’s Best Student-Run Startups

By | Jane 

College is a great opportunity to become independent, gain an education, and make lifelong friends. College is also the right time in your life to dream big. But, why be content with dreaming when there is room for action?

Are you on the brink of a great idea that can make the world a better place but lack the motivation to see it through? These 4 stories of these student-run startups offer great inspiration to college students who want to set sail for the world of entrepreneurship.

Drone MVP: A Student-Run Startup That is Reaching for the Skies

People have become crazy about drones. This lucrative niche market is rapidly growing. The competition is fierce since many entrepreneurs have joined this space.

For someone who wants to enter the race, this may be an overwhelming threat. But, this is certainly not the case with two USC students—Louis Van Hove and Harrison Sheinberg. For them, this is a fun and exciting challenge.

Their Drone MVP platform lets people connect with drone pilots who can deliver them the exact drone footage they want. The two USC students are disrupting the market with their innovative endeavor.

It’s a win-win solution for the client and the drone pilot. Thanks to Van Hove and Sheinberg, businesses can quickly, easily, and cost-efficiently find a pilot that fits their required skill set. Moreover, the pilots can find the right clients without having to spend a fortune on advertising their services.

Syllabye: Students Helping Peers Succeed

Chances are, you’ve heard of big-name education platforms such as Blackboard and Canvas. To most people, it may seem like big companies like these dominate the field.

But, Jeremy Werden and Lucas DiPietrantonio, two students fromUNC-Chapel Hill, have found success in the sector as well. To help their peers keep track of their work, these two student entrepreneurs started an electronic syllabus platform.

The life of a student can be pretty hectic and disorganized, and Syllabye promises to make it much easier. When the semester begins, students can log into Syllabye, find their school, and add their class schedule.

Now, students don’t have to frustratingly try to organize the information they wrote on their hands, notes, and emails into one coherent file. And it’s all thanks to these two innovative 20-somethings. Students can find all the info they need in one place with Syllabye.

AskGamblers: A Student-Run Startup Kindled by Passion

What is now a famous online casino portal called AskGamblers, used to be just a mere dream of Igor Salindrija, a law student with a passion for web design. To earn some extra money, Salindrija worked as a bartender at a local casino.

When one of the bosses saw him doing freelance web design stuff at work instead of tending to the bar, he didn’t fire Salindrija—he offered him a promotion. His new job was to help the company break into the online space.

Soon after he learned the ropes, Salindrija carved a bit of online space of his own within the iGaming industry. He started an online portal where players can exchange feedback, write game reviews, and get informed on new platforms.

Salindrija grew his student-run startup with the help of his friends and eventually sold it for $17.1 million. The platform he founded has won numerous prestigious awards in the iGaming industry.

Huk TV: A Startup Dedicated to Improving Dorm Rooms, Founded in a Dorm Room

Here we have a student-run startup that was birthed out of boredom, sort of. Samuel Lukach, a 22-year-old student at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, wanted to find the best way to mount his TV set in his dorm room.

He wanted to be able to move the TV set every now and then to optimize his viewing options, but without doing any damage to the dorm room walls and furniture.

To find the best solution, Lukach looked everywhere. In his search for the best way to mount a TV, he found that it’s not that simple.

But, he strongly felt that it should be that simple so he designed a simple and harm-free mount system that allows one to effortlessly mount a TV –  Huk TV. Now, he is on a mission to help other college students improve their dorm rooms as well.

Human Engineers: A Voice of HR and Business

To help human resource specialists and managers gain a deeper understanding of the challenges people face, as well as help them find resources and information related to their profession, Ramesh Ranjan created the Human Engineers platform.

Ramesh Ranjan has held HR leadership positions in renowned companies such as Praxair India, American Power Conversion, and Schneider Electric India. He is also a blogger, trainer, professor, consultant, and executive coach.

His HR portal has become a great help network for HR and business leaders. He has managed to build a site that is a successful HR marketplace as well as a platform for collaboration, engagement, and knowledge sharing.

Now, Human Engineers isn’t exactly a student-run startup. But, their consortium of Business HR and Business leaders can offer guidance and consulting services to student entrepreneurs and help develop management skills needed to successfully run a business.


The stories of these businesses are inspirational, but do know that they are not the only student-run startups out there.

Students have been successfully founding and running startups for quite some time. If you are an industrious college student that dares to dream big, you can rest assured you’ve got what it takes to succeed.

Author bio:

Jane is a freelance writer covering emerging trends in small business and entrepreneurship.

A huge fashion and healthy eating addict. When not writing, she can be spotted on Mytheresa, looking for the newest addition to her accessories collection.



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