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4 Powerful Ways To Foster Unexpected Success In Your Life

Source | | Scott Mautz

Experiencing success after envisioning it, planning for it, and tirelessly working towards it is hard to beat. The only thing that comes close is a different brand of success–the kind you weren’t specifically expecting or planning for. It’s a different kind of found joy.

But unexpected success isn’t as random as you think it is. Especially if you can answer ‘yes’ to this one question:

Are you willing to do the hard work to create opportunity, not just corral it?

There are those that say the key to being successful is to be ready for when that moment comes. You know the drill, success = opportunity + preparation. That’s a good formula.

But even better is when you do more to control one of the variables in this equation–opportunity. My experience across 30 years in the corporate world and now four years in the entrepreneurial world has taught me that you can indeed create your own opportunities to invite success in, even if you have no idea what form that success will take or when it will come.

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