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4 Proven Ways Successful People Build Awesome New Habits

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Since as a manager/entrepreneur you are your business, just doing what you’ve done before will make you less productive, less effective, less healthy and fit — less everything – than you could potentially be.

The growth of your business is at least in part based on you: improving your performance, increasing your output, focusing even more on the things that matter most….The solution? Build great new positive habits.

Here are four easy ways to build new habits from Belle Beth Cooper, co-founder of Hello Code, which makes Exist, a cool app that connects all your services to turn that data into insights about your life; think quantified self on steroids.


1. Start Small

BJ Fogg is the king of starting small with new habits, and his program Tiny Habitsfocuses on this approach. The idea is to focus on building the habit itself, rather than worrying about how big the impact is.

Here’s a good example: Say you want to start a habit of flossing your teeth every night. To build a successful habit, start with something tiny: flossing just one tooth. I know it sounds crazy, but it works.

If you’re building the habit of flossing just a single tooth each night, three things will happen:

  1. You’ll feel silly about not doing it. Flossing a single tooth is so easy it’s hard to feel OK about skipping it.
  2. You’ll probably floss more than one tooth. Getting started on anything is the biggest hurdle. Once we’ve started, it’s easy to just keep going.
  3. You’ll build the habit. Although flossing just one tooth each night probably won’t make your dentist happy, after a few weeks have passed the action will start to become a habit-something you do automatically, without thinking.


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