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4 shocking mistakes businesses make that kills the customer engagement

By | Bhushan Kakkad | Digital Marketing Specialist l Content Writer l SEO l Social Media Strategist

Things go out of hand when complexities grow beyond our ability to comprehend. Thanks to the growing possibilities for customer communication driven by a proliferation of products, offers, channels, behaviors, etc.

Here’s a shocking fact/trend that we found in the campaigns of one of the telecom clients.

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It’s not just true for this client. When we did the same study on the response trends of other clients, the findings were almost similar with one-off exceptions.

So, from the learnings from the graph above, let us quickly understand what are things we should avoid while sending out communication messages to your customers.

1.    Communication that is not of their interest

Have you ever subscribed to an email list only to be bombarded with daily emails—ones that didn’t appeal to you or your interests?

We all have. No one wants impersonal email after impersonal email pouring in, especially if the content is irrelevant.

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