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4 signs your company views you as a high-potential employee

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  • Research finds that high-performing employees exert 21% more effort than their non-HIPO peers.

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In the world of talent management, high-performing employees, or HIPOs, are the holy grail. Smart, agile, and talented, Gartner research finds that HIPOs, who are smart, agile, and talented, exert 21% more effort than their non-HIPO peers and have a 75% chance of succeeding at roles that are critical to business performance and the future leadership pipeline.

But how do you know if your organization thinks of you as a HIPO?

It can be tricky, says Marc Effron, president of Talent Strategy Group, a talent management consulting group, and author of 8 Steps to High Performance. Just 40% of companies communicate to HIPOs that they’re identified as such, according to his firm’s research. “The challenge is not only do the HIPOs not know that they’re HIPOs, but a lot of people who may think they’re HIPOs . . . are never told that they’re not HIPOs,” he says.

If your company isn’t forthcoming with what they think about your performance or potential, here are four indicators that you’re in the HIPO category:

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