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4 Social Recruitment Blunders that can cost your Business

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Following the recommended selection and recruitment of staff is important in determining the efficiency in retention and hiring. Therefore, it is paramount that every recruiter follows the recruitment process to the latter.

Today, recruiters do not only focus on the traditional avenues of getting information about the candidates they are interviewing for certain positions.Rather, they have leveraged the use of social media. In fact, studies have revealed that more than 90% of recruiters rely on social media during the recruitment process. Even then, not all recruiters are getting it right when it comes to the use of social media as some are making mistakes that end up costing them the talent that they need for innovation and growth of the company.

Some of the social recruitment mistakes that you may be making include the following:

  • You do not have a social recruitment strategy

Strategic workforce planning must not be ignored as it is the backbone of the success of your recruitment strategy. Thus, if you opt to recruit through social media, then you must have a recruitment plan in order to ensure the effectiveness of the process. You will do well to outline the goals as well as target audience of the posts you share online and where this audience spends their time online. A critical assessment of the social tools, applicant tracking and next generation recruitment systems is also important in getting the job done.

You may also use the historical recruitment data of the company to understand where volumes lie and subsequent candidate ratios that are needed to fill a position. Ultimately, you will do well to lay a good foundation for your social media recruitment strategy.

Always keep in mind that reactive recruiting will result in having people who do not have the right skill set. Therefore, take time to plan and expect unexpected demand.


  • Failure to engage with talent

Engaging the candidates cannot be overlooked when sourcing for top talent on social media. This is because engagement affords you a unique opportunity to establish a personal connection with the candidates. In addition, it is an avenue for building up the brand identity of your company prior to hiring candidates.

It is also a great platform to give insight into your company culture as well as promote information sharing and discussions. Engagement also serves as an avenue of converting visitors to employees, brand ambassadors and loyal fans as you get to know them better.


  • Not looking at analytics

If you do not know the social spheres that are directing some of the best candidates to you or even where the top talent spend their time while online, then you might as well be failing in your recruiting efforts on social media.

It is important for companies to work with platforms that support analytics as this helps you to determine the best sources of talent. Moreover, you will not only be able to tell the sites that are driving talent to your direction but also structure you social recruitment strategy accordingly.


  • Ignoring candidate experience

Candidate experience is important when recruiting online just as it is when using the applicant tracking system. You must ensure that your candidate experience is not the reason for a sky-high applicant drop-off rate by putting in place a seamless application process. Use social media for an improved candidate experience through integration of pleasant tools and keeping things simple.

Overall, the recruitment process is complex, hence it does not merely begin and end with posting a job opening, screening candidates and hiring the right candidate. Rather, it is a continuous process. The process of scouting for the right person for the job is continuous in the sense that there will always be change with some employees leaving the company and the best way to embrace this change is by finding a replacement that will take over their position and keep the organization running. Therefore, it is extremely important for human resource managers to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of their systems while paying special attention to the hiring pipeline in order to scale up the recruitment process. Only then will you be able to attract and hire the right candidates that will bring the change you desire to your organization.

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