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4 Steps For Business Partners To Make An Immediate Impact

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Over the past months, I’ve been sharing lessons from the trenches from working as a business partner. We looked at the knots and bolts of how business partners can make an impact and create value. Now I’m going to boil this down for you to four distinct steps to take to make an immediate impact in your role.

Wow, just four steps and the promise of immediate impact!?! It sounds too good to be true given how hard everyone says it is to succeed with business partnering. It’s true that succeeding with business partnering at a large scale in a company is hard. It’s also true that most people must step outside their comfort zone to succeed which is also hard. However, with a simple process in hand, it might not need to be so hard for individuals to succeed! 

Here’s the simple process to make an immediate impact 

Depending on your business cycle it might take up to three months for you to make this impact. The business stakeholders will experience the impact as immediate though because they’ll see how you’re trying to change the game. Here’s what I want you to do. 

  • Step 1: Here you book a lunch or make other arrangements to have an informal chat with your business stakeholder. You simply ask them to talk about how their business is going so that you can increase your business understanding. It doesn’t matter if you have an existing relationship or you’re starting anew. You can start this process at any time!
  • Step 2: Basis your newly acquired business understanding you look at the numbers for the month (or week depending on your business cycle). Then you prepare a short presentation of how you view current business performance. Present that to your stakeholder and ask her or him if they agree or see it differently. The desired outcome is an alignment between you on the current state of affairs.

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