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4 Steps Managers Can Take To Show Up For Employees During A Crisis

Source | | Kimberly A. Whitler

As a marketer, one thing I’ve noticed in many of the advertisements and emails coming from companies is an unusual amount of space dedicated to employee care. This makes complete sense, especially in retail, where so many of the employees are on the front lines and in vulnerable positions. But it is quite unusual because ads are typically centered on communicating to consumers about benefits for consumers.

The crisis has shifted this emphasis, rightly so, and marketers are now spending more significant resources communicating to employees through ads. There is an additional benefit for firms that communicate their care and concern for employees—consumers most likely appreciate it as well.

Because of this shift, I wanted to better understand what some of the biggest firms are doing to address employee needs. Below, I share insight from Christy Pambianchi, Chief Human Resources Officer for Verizon.

Kimberly A. Whitler: What have you learned about the needs of employees at this time?

Christy Pambianchi: As an HR professional with over 30-years of leadership experience, nothing in my tenure has required such a swift response and united action like this pandemic. Almost overnight, millions of people worldwide had to adopt a new way of working, and, as schools closed at an unprecedented pace, with families now juggling caregiver responsibilities on the home front.

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