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4 steps to change your past

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A lot has been written, since time immemorial, about the ‘baggage of the past’ that we all carry.

A large number of programs are conducted, by many, to teach us – how to offload the past and plan a ‘travel light’ future.

Many religions guide us in forgetting our past. Many Gurus have come forward to own up our past sins so that we can progress.

A new psychological chapter has opened up called Retrocausality to deal with the past.

Here is my small contribution to all the above-stated efforts.


Assumptions for this exercise:

1. It is assumed that the overall past consists of two buckets – bad past (black bucket) and good past (golden bucket). All events that brought you pain, torture, failures go into the black bucket; all nice memories go to the golden bucket.

2. The rule used for this exercise is – Today becomes a yesterday tomorrow.

Here are the steps to change your past:

Step 1 – Assess the composition of your past

Let us take an example of a young man whose bad past is 75% of the total past. He has suffered huge pain and failures in the past in comparison to the successes and the achievements he had.

Here is his graph of his past on day zero. A grim graph for the young man. He is carrying a huge load of the bad past.

Step 2 – Identify the parameters for the golden bucket

For our young man, the golden bucket could have the following tasks:

1. He did not have an opportunity to educate himself. Can he identify new learning, suitable to his role, as one of the tasks that could go to the golden bucket?

2. He could not give time to his family in the past. Can he spend some quality time with his family? In that case, this activity can go to the golden bucket

3. He could not demonstrate great successes in the past. Can he define the success criteria for his role, plan his daily tasks into small bits and push the successes into the golden bucket every day?  

Step 3 – Count all the golden bucket tasks completed during the day and add them to the golden bucket

On day 1, this is how his graph will look like (the golden bucket percentage will increase from 25% to 25.001% and the black bucket component will reduce to 74.999% from 75%).

On day 2, the golden bucket will show a bit more of a bulge (the golden bucket will increase from 25% to 25.04%).

Day 10 will show a larger golden bucket and reduce the black bucket size to 74.3% from the previous 75%.

Should the young man continue his focus on increasing the golden bucket size, here is how the graph will change. On day 365, the golden part of the overall past will be 65%, a huge jump from 25%.

A year ago, our young man had a dark past. Now his past has more of great memories, great successes, and great happiness.

Step 4 – Celebrate every small increase in the golden bucket size

How? Pamper yourself with an ice cream, hug your cat, take a good walk alone, call your friend to hear his voice, watch the stars with your family members, give a kiss to your mom (these days you can give flying kisses remotely too!), whistle a tune.

Get on with this Mantra if my theory convinced you!

Blame it on me, if your FUTURE also improves as an outcome of this exercise of improving the PAST.

Republished with permission and originally published at Prabodh Sirur’s Linkedin

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