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4 Steps To Using AI Ethically In Your Organization

By | Bernard Marr | Internationally best-selling author, keynote speaker, futurist, and strategic business & technology advisor

AI can do incredible things, but just because something is possible doesn’t mean it’s right. There’s enormous potential for backlash against the misuse of AI, and policymakers and regulators will no doubt take an increasing interest in AI. This means it’s vital organizations pursue an ethical use of AI.

Here are four ways to do just that.

1. Build stakeholder trust

Organizations must be transparent with customers, employees, and other stakeholders about how they’re using AI and data. In the past, some big tech companies have perhaps tried to get away with not telling users what they’re doing, but this is a dangerous path to go down. It’s far better to be upfront about what data you’re gathering, how that data is analyzed, and why you are using this data. And that means telling people in a straightforward, plain English way, not burying the details in long, jargon-heavy terms and conditions that nobody reads. This transparency will be key to building stakeholder trust.

Consent is another important part of building trust; meaning businesses must seek informed consent for gathering people’s data and, wherever possible, allow people to opt-out. When doing this, it helps to demonstrate how AI and data add real value for stakeholders – for example, by helping the organization create better products, deliver a smarter service, solve customers’ problems, make work better for employees, and so on. People are far more likely to give consent when they know it will deliver real value for them.

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