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4 Stupid Things People Say About Money That Keeps Them Poor

A fundamental shift in the way you view your current situation could be the answer to achieving financial freedom

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Do you ever hear phrases that just really irk you? For me, those phrases usually have to do with money — more specifically, with people’s uneducated and self-limiting beliefs surrounding money.

Personally, I find the following four statements to be the worst offenders. And some of them may be a regular part of your vocabulary currently. I hope by the end of this blog, you’ll eradicate them from your mind and never let them roll off your tongue again.

  1. “I can’t afford it.”

    Contrary to popular belief, “poor” and “broke” do not mean exactly the same thing. Both involve a lack of money. However, being poor is a mindset. Being broke is only a temporary condition.

    People who are poor say, “I can’t afford it.” A person who instead asks, “How can I afford it?” is not poor even if she has no money, because she is thinking like a Rich Woman. It is your thoughts that lead to your actions and your actions create your future.

    Even when you are faced with circumstances that are outside your control, you can still control how you respond to the situation. A person with a rich mindset sees opportunities, the silver lining in the clouds. Your mindset is key.

    Even when Robert and I were homeless, we did not consider ourselves poor — only broke. Even when we were $400,000 in debt, we did not think of ourselves as poor. We thought of ourselves as rich people who happened to be broke at the time. This attitude — along with hard work, perseverance, and creative thinking — propelled us forward so that instead of becoming stuck in the rat race we progressed from broke to wealthy.

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