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4 Things Interviewers Rate You On

Source | : By Dom Goodman

Clearly, you want to demonstrate you have the experiences and skills for the job, but what is it that makes one candidate more favorable than the other when they both equally have the same type of experience and skills? Understand what other areas interviewers consider when reviewing each candidate as a total package so you perform your best at the interview.

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Here are four areas interviewers rate you on:

1. Enthusiasm

Employers want a job candidate with a “can-do” attitude and who has a strong desire to work for the company. Make sure that comes through in your communication, from your cover letter, phone interview, in-person interview to the thank you note. Even if you are interviewing with other companies, you want to make it known that you remain highly interested in the position. When you are meeting in person, you can also use your body language to help demonstrate engagement and interest. For more tips on body language at the interview, read “What Your Interview Body Language Reveals About You.”

2. Communication Skills

The #1 trait that employers seek for every position is strong communication skills. Your ability to articulate what experiences and skills you have to offer and how it can contribute to your future employer has to come through if you want to impress the interviewer. People hire people they like so your job in the interview is to transition it into a conversation so be prepared to ask questions during the process.

Keep in mind that a key part of communicating effectively has to do with intonation and body language. When your voice exhibits excitement and you’re leaning forward and making eye contact, that is stressing to the interviewer you’re communicating something of importance. The words you use will account for only 10% of effective communication.

3. Technical Skills

The first thing an employer will do is determine if you have the requisite skills and experience for the position. Make sure you have studied the job posting, researched people on LinkedIn and know what they are looking for and how you can contribute. Showcase the things you have done that make you a good candidate by using the Challenge-Action-Result storytelling technique.

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