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4 Things That Will Improve Your Work From Home Drive

By | Regina Thomas

Are you currently working from home? You should thank your lucky stars that you are in a position to enjoy this option. It’s a convenience that the 21st century has brought us. But you will still need to hunker down and focus hard to make it work. Here are 4 things that will improve your work from home drive.

1. Make Use of a Headset

One of the very best things that you can do to improve your work from home drive is to make use of an office headset. A headset of this kind is designed to help you multitask in a more efficient and productive way. You can engage in conferences while still continuing to work on your keyboard.

You can also use your headset to keep you entertained while you are working. For example, you can listen to audiobooks or podcasts while performing your daily tasks. Here and there, when you need a break, you can enjoy a bit of music. You can also listen to quarterly reports and other vital info that your team members supply.

2. Make Use of a Focus Timer

Another handy device that you can make use of in order to increase your focus and efficiency is a focus timer. This is a device that allows you to split your various daily tasks into segments of time that you decide upon in advance.

For example, if you split the time for three separate tasks into segments of 15 or 20 minutes each, you can then schedule the timer to allow you a 20-minute break. This will enable you to focus heavily and securely on finishing all of your appointed tasks in the time frame you have selected. You can then look forward to a relaxing break.

A focus timer can also work wonders for you in other ways. It can help you become more focused as to how many tasks you wish to perform on a day to day basis. You may be surprised to learn how much more you can achieve once you get used to the idea of timing out all of your individual tasks.

3. Use a Voice Activated Keyboard

A voice-activated keyboard will enable you to do much of your work without having to go through the physical process of actually typing it yourself. This leaves your hands free to do other things, such as drink a much-needed cup of coffee, while you dictate a report or an email. It’s a major convenience for people who hate to type.

A voice-activated keyboard can be of particular value to a person who has a very low level of basic typing skills. It can also be a great boon to people who may suffer from conditions such as dyslexia. The keyboard hears your voice and puts the words on the page. This helps to eliminate a large proportion of spelling and other errors.

4. Keep All of Your Work Tabs on Google Chrome

Another great way to ensure that you can organize your work in an efficient manner is to keep all of your work tabs on Google Chrome presets. If you do not currently use Google Chrome for any other reason, you should download it to use for your work. Doing so will enable you to preset all of your work locations for quick and easy access.

Being able to log on to the web and quickly access all of your work tabs is a major convenience. You can preset them so as to pull them up at the exact place that you left off at the end of your last session. You can then get straight to work and finish your business. When done, you can preset the page to pull up for your next session.

Get Back on Track at Home

You’ll be home for the holidays for sure. And you’ll also be home working at your job for quite a long time after that. As a result, you’ve got to get focused. Following these handy tips will improve your focus, drive, and efficiency. These are tips that you can take straight to the bank once it’s safe to go there again.


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