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4 Things To Consider When Building Engaging Content

Source | LinkedIn | Dean Allam | LinkedIn Business Consultant to the Staffing Industry

“How do I make sure my content is engaging?” is a question I’m often asked by Recruiters and Marketeers who are keen to ensure the content they post gets a good amount of traction.

Those who know me will know I have a passion for social media and content generation outside of the day job – amassing a cool 87,000 followers across my Twitter Instagram platforms (not that I’m counting!). The key to building and maintaining that following has been consistently engaging my audience, so I thought I would share 4 key considerations I take into account to ensure when I post, it is likely to get good traction.

Before those considerations, I think it’s important to highlight the value and importance of having high quality engaging content as a Recruitment Business. APSCO have released a report stating that there has been a 500%(!) increase in Recruitment Agencies in the UK since 1999, meaning that having the ability to stand out and be memorable as a Recruitment Agency has never been more important.

And by having a wide reach across social platforms and by delivering content that engages the audiences you care about, you are giving your business the best opportunity to be remembered when members of that audience are in need of your help (to recruit or be recruited).

1) Think about your audience.

“What does my audience care about?” Is a question you should ask before building any campaigns. Analyse your follower base or the audience you intend on targeting and put together content that will interest them, not what you are interested in saying.

2) Timing is everything. What’s hot right now?

Leverage the topics that are dominating the news headlines and put your spin on it. The football World Cup in 2018 was a perfect example of an event British businesses ‘piggy backed’ on to generate excitement amongst their audiences, as it was front and centre at the time. Maybe it’s time avoid Brexit though (yawn).

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