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4 Things to Say When Your Interviewer Asks, ‘Do You Have Any Questions for Me?’—Plus 3 Things Never to Say

Never stumble over this elusive interview question again

By | Maggie Seaver |

If you’ve never tripped up at the interview question “do you have any questions for me?” you’re either lying, or you’re just an incredible interviewee. Even when you know it’s coming, this inquiry can still catch you off-guard—and understandably so, since it’s off-putting to shift from being asked the questions to doing the asking yourself.

One big mistake people tend to make is thinking this is the part of the conversation where they can relax—that the hard part’s over. But this particular, seemingly simple inquiry is actually loaded with intention: They want to see if you’ve done your homework; if you’re curious and insightful; if you’re savvy enough to see things no one else has; or if you care enough to even have questions at all (some people honestly don’t).

In short, don’t wing this portion of the interview. It helps to get excited about it—it’s an opportunity for you to learn something about the role, the company, or even just the interview process. Come prepared with a few key questions you’d like to ask, plus, if you can, be aware of questions that arise during the actual interview.

Use the extensive prep you’ll be doing for the rest of the interview as a jumping-off point for brainstorming your questions. In researching the company, its recent successes, its competitors, your interviewer (maybe a potential boss), and the industry as a whole, you can start to jot down insightful questions that come to mind.

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