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4 tips on how to assess candidates for Culture Fit – Dave Ulrich with Freshteam

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How do you assess people while hiring to make sure they are good culture and organizational fit for your company?

Dave Ulrich gives 4 tips for you to look out for when hiring a candidate who is a culture fit.

This video is part of the Freshteam Leadership Series with Dave Ulrich, ‘Father of modern HR’, who has published over 30 books on organization, leadership, and human resources.

To view the full video and important takeaways:

The video answers some burning questions among the Startup HR world like:

1) How does a growing company build its workplace culture?
2) How and when do founders take succession planning decisions?
3) How should a growing company go about its hiring process?
4) How can founders get their company to get into the rapid growth stage?
5) When should the founders of startups get their first HR leader on board?
6) What should the first HR leader of a growing company focus on?
7) What skills does an HR leader of a growing company have?

To know more on how to ace your Culture Fit Recruiting:

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