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4 Types of Employees Every Employer Must Have

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You have always wondered why despite the interview going brilliantly well, why you were not one among the handful who got the opportunity to work on board. You have always felt your eyes turn green with envy when your boss does not question even a single decision made by your colleague, while he keeps turning down your proposals. However, what remains constant in these rifts is that the expectations of every employer are not the same from every employee.

Let’s face it: every employer looks for resources that will be able to guide his company and propel it towards success. Tim Murphy’s article on ‘Brazen Careerist’ brings out the positives of a ‘can-do’ attitude. Positivity is one quality that every employer seeks.


1. Wanters: The wanters are those people who are always keen on learning more. They want more of everything whether it is the learning, the money or the recognition. They come with both pros and cons. But the reason that employers seek them is that there is always a logic that can convince them. Moreover, the pros of having him on board are more than the cons.

2. Revolutionists: While you might think of them as the ones who are always ready to revolt and object, they do raise the red-flag without any reason. Their aim is to fight for their rights and they fight only against oppression. Nonetheless, they are quite bold and open about their dislikes. While the management might tag them as the trouble-makers, employers often consider them a boon for the organization because they hold the promise of becoming change agents.


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