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4 Ways to Become the Creative Problem Solver Google Wants to Hire

Source |  |  BY:Simon T. Bailey, MA, CSP, CPAE, Executive Brilliance Coach/Career Accelerator/Transforming Speaker/Activator of Creators/Author, Shift Your Brilliance


There is a significant shift happening in the workplace right now.

Once upon a time, if you went to the right school, made decent grades, and were socially adept, you could land a job with a respectable company. More importantly, you could work there for life or use it as a springboard to another lucrative opportunity.

However, companies have killed employee loyalty (#whywejobhop). They’re quick to reorganize and manage workers out. In order to survive in this type of climate, it is no longer enough to master a skill; you must now cultivate the right mindset and approach to thinking in order to get ahead.

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman at Google, recently released a new book: How Google WorksIn a recent interview, he explains: “In corporate business, there’s an awful lot of people who come to work. They do their work. They do it pretty well. They’re not that interesting. And then they go home. And they always seemed fine to me. You know, it seemed to me like we needed those people. And what I learned at Google is that we don’t want those people [emphasis added].

When people first join a company, they are cheetahs but overtime become a hippo. A cheetah is the swiftest hunter in Africa; it can run up to 70 mphs in just a few strides. It has a flexible spine and can turn on a dime. It will pounce it in 20 seconds or less.


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