4 Ways to Be a Smart Entrepreneur Without Going to College

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Consider this fact: There are 44 million graduates in the world struggling to pay back close to one-and-a-half trillion dollars in student debt. And it will take them an average of 21 years to do so. That’s a lot of money and that’s a lot of time.

For many, though, this is the new reality. In 2017, student loan debt became the second highest consumer debt category worldwide, followed only by home mortgage debt.  Despite this, some 44% of college grads report working in jobs that have nothing to do with their degrees, and in fact, don’t require a degree at all.

Increasingly, one has to ask oneself: Is a college degree really worth pursuing? For a person like me, the answer was no. Sorry mom.

I’m an entrepreneur, living debt-free and livingproof that, in today’s economy, formal education is expensive and probably overrated. I currently run 13 businesses, everything from a line of men’s underwear to an independent book publishing service.

The best way to start your careers is just get out in the world and start moving towards your vision. Start a business, become an entrepreneur. Take a course on street smarts and you’ll learn more and graduate faster than someone pursuing a doctorate.  And you’ll save yourself all that student loan debt!

Many have asked me, how did I do it? How did I go on to launch 13 companies without any formal education?

Here are the four main ways I learned how to become a successful entrepreneur — without a college degree.

1) Go Out and Fail at something

Your best teacher will be a bad experience. It will show you things and teach you things much more vividly than any school text book ever will.  You’ll also learn lessons from your successes as well. But I think the best way to start is set out on a project and fail.

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