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4 Ways to Build a Strong Remote Workforce

Source | Linkedin | John Hall | Co-founder at

Remote work is growing, and it’s not just in the United States that digital work is taking over. Countries like Estonia are planning to introduce a new kind of visa for digital nomads this year, allowing remote workers to visit for up to one year while working for a company headquartered elsewhere.

They’re opening their arms to the remote workforce that’s expanded 140 percentsince 2005. People often confuse working remotely with the ability to work anywhere. However, according to Flexjobs, 95 percent of remote jobs require workers to live in a fixed location. 

The other 5 percent support 4.8 million remote workers who consider themselves digital nomads, working and traveling freely across the globe. About 17 million more currently work remotely and aspire to be location-independent. A growing number of companies find themselves building a location-independent workforce from the outset.

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