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4 Ways to Make Your Office Décor More Enjoyable

By | Maggie Bloom | Freelance Writer

You probably spend more hours in the office than at home, so you might as well make the time memorable by incorporating some fun. Being in a dull workspace is demotivating; hence most offices allow employees to customize their workspaces. If you find yourself needing a morale boost, try these office décor tips to make your space more enjoyable.

Colorful Office Rugs

It can be boring to stare at the same floor tiles every day. Besides, the cold that hits your feet whenever you kick off your shoes is neither comfortable nor healthy. Adding an office rug helps to cushion your feet against the hard wooden floors and cold tiles. Colorful rugs also create an artistic impression depending on their color, shape, and size.

Since the idea is to make the office decor more enjoyable, keep in touch with your personal style. You might want to go for a bold color to energize you or neutral colors to help you focus. If you cannot find a rug that suits your style, consider going for a customized one.

Oversized Wall Art

Most people have pictures of their families on their desks, but you can go a step further by indulging in affordable large wall art. Oversized wall art has been said to accentuate small spaces and complement a minimalist style. Besides, art offers a sense of engagement and intrigue while still allowing you to be productive by reducing stress levels.

Incorporating a statement piece of art that you have fallen in love with is a sight for sore eyes, especially on those days you are not feeling motivated. However, since art can be interpreted differently, ensure that it blends with the company culture, and showcases the values you believe in as an individual.

Additionally, the art should fit in with your work’s theme, and do not ignore the power of color in your selection. If you are going for a cozy feel, then warm tones will do, but if you are feeling cramped up in your cubicle, light tones make the small space feel roomier.

Plants for Your Work Space

Did you know that plants reduce stress levels, boost productivity, and make your space more attractive? When choosing the ideal office plant, consider the office temperature. Plants like ferns prefer medium-lighting, cacti do well in a hot and dry environment while snake plants will thrive in low-lighting.

You also want the plant to make the space more enjoyable and not a nuisance. So placing it in a low-traffic area like the corner of your office or on your desk is ideal. Remember that size also matters; placing a small plant on the giant conference table will make it look out of place; so will a huge plant sitting next to a small table.

Suppose you enjoy gardening and do not have enough time at home; caring for your plant while at the office will compensate for that. You can look forward to trimming the plants, applying fertilizer, wiping the dust off the leaves, and watering them.

Fun Storage Options

It is said that clutter in your environment will create clutter in your mind and spirit. You can have an organized office space by introducing full storage options. For instance, it is no joy looking for a file for hours, yet if you had color-coded your files, you would know exactly where to get it.

Make your open shelves more attractive by using colorful boxes to store your extra supplies. If you prefer box shelves, they can transform your space by creating enough room to arrange your art pieces or books. Another cheap way to make your decor more enjoyable is to have a beautiful mug act as a pencil holder.

Parting Shot

As you continue striving to maintain professionalism in your workplace, making it more enjoyable will go a long way in keeping your sanity. Office décor does not have to be dull, and with these tips, you can be sure to look forward to heading to the office every day. So, which one suits your office space best?


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