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4 Ways to Promote Your Company Culture to Attract New Talent

By | Keith Coppersmith | Business Journalist

The power of branding is undeniable, and using your identity to help your customers relate to your business is precisely the one and only way for companies to stand the test of time. But beyond that, too many brands forget that their identity is not limited to their role as a business, but that it also depends on your role as an employer. If you can eagerly confirm that your employees are indeed your greatest advocates and that they are happy and proud to be associated with your business, then your company culture is already groomed enough to attract the perfect candidates.

Alas, for most brands, that part of their identity has yet to be defined and utilized to their advantage. Defining and promoting your company culture is one of the most effective ways to increase your employee retention rate while you at the same time effectively filter the finest candidates that will thrive under your roof. Here are a few expert-approved strategies to promote your company culture, build your employer brand identity, and get the attention you deserve from your candidates.

Online reviews from your employees’ perspective

Companies today already know and use the power of online reviews to show just how much their services or products ensure the happiness and satisfaction of their clientele. That, however, is far from the only way to use reviews to your advantage. With the help of websites such as Glassdoor, your business can allow its brand as an employer to emerge through its employees’ impressions and experiences. 

This is not something brands can replicate, but only earn, and as such, reviews are the perfect strategy for inspiring the right reputation of your brand as an employer. Perhaps not all of your employees know or have experience in using these review platforms, so you can encourage them whenever you get the chance, provided that you’ve earned their trust and their review. 

Networking your way to better hires

How often do your visit local or international conferences, seminars, and similar events that gather people from your industry under a single roof in search of new clients? Most major brands as well as those interested in growth continuously invest in attending such events. What they fail to understand is that these same events are the perfect source for promoting your company culture and attracting new employees.

The next time you visit a job fair or a conference, bring your business cards and hand them out to potential employees as well as your potential clients. This simple gesture increases your chances of people remembering your brand and it gives them a channel of communication and a way to reach you when they’re ready. Exchanging contact details at relevant events in your community and beyond is one of the most trusted ways to elevate your reputation as the employer. 

Use social media to form an employer identity

Your social media strategy is most likely aimed at your customers. From ads and sponsored posts, all the way to informative blogs and interactive polls, you always make sure that social networks are a source of actionable data for you to “tweak” your digital presence and connect to your audience on those digital platforms. Keep in mind that they might be your potential employees, too. 

There should be a healthy balance of presenting yourself as an employer and a business in your industry on social media. Although most use LinkedIn for this purpose, you can do the same with other platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, where posting content showcasing your office, some “behind the scenes” imagery and videos, and similar content can help your potential candidates relate to your business and slowly build your reputation in the eyes of your audience as that of an employer.

Set up meetings to introduce your culture to candidates 

Interviews are one way to get a face-to-face introduction to your candidates, and an old-fashioned one at that. As useful and practical as it may be for the candidates that you’ve already vetted for a position, it’s not as effective for introducing your company culture to the world in general and potential employees for future job openings. For that particular purpose of letting the world get to know your employer brand, organizing those “open days” sessions is a great solution.

Sometimes, this is a great way to let your most valued candidates have a peek into your world and your culture. Of course, talk to your employees to pick a day that will be the most optimal one for all of them, when there’s not too much tension over a tight deadline and when they can actually have the time to communicate with the visitors freely and without pressure. For most companies, that would mean a Friday, but let your own culture dictate your open day schedule.

Building your reputation as an employer is as important as reinforcing your brand as a business in your industry. Use these simple, but effective solutions to promote your company culture in order to establish your presence as an employer and to inspire more interest among your most valued candidates out there.

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