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Government of India launches SAMADHAN

A dedicated Web Portal to bring all stakeholders - Government, Industry and Labour - involved in Industrial Disputes on single integrated platform

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The Labour and Employment Secretary, Shri Heeralal Samariya, launched
the pilot of SAMADHAN for conciliation, arbitration and adjudication of the Industrial Disputes (IDs) as defined in the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947
(ID Act). The Preamble to the ID Act provides for fair and amicable
process of the investigation and settlement of IDs. SAMADHAN is a
dedicated Web Portal to bring all stakeholders – Government, Industry
and Labour – involved in IDs on single integrated platform. The
Government includes three major organizations of Ministry of Labour and Employment namely Office of Chief Labour Commissioner (Central)
[CLC(C)], Industrial Relations (IR) Division & Central Government
Industrial Tribunal-cum-Labour Courts [CGIT-LCs].

Initially, SAMADHAN is launched in five states viz. Chhattisgarh, Delhi,
Karnataka, Rajasthan & Odisha. This initiative will usher in a new era of
Industrial Relations by hassle free and timely disposal of Industrial
Disputes in a very simple, useful and transparent manner. With the
introduction of the online Portal, the process of settling industrial disputes
is simplified, standardized and streamlined, resulting into a process which
will be faster and easy to monitor. Moreover, the Portal will ensure
transparency and accountability which will make process more effective
and efficient, resulting into further ease of doing business in the
economy. This paradigm shift in governance of Industrial Dispute statute
will ensure maintenance of peaceful work culture in the industry so that
industrial growth doesn’t suffer and rights and interests of the employee
are protected. The main features of the Portals are following:

 Online registration for raising Industrial Dispute by the aggrieved
 Online submission of relevant documents;
 Instant access to documents accelerating the pace of decision
 Use of ICT tools for communication amongst stakeholders and;
 Online information about the current status of the Industrial

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