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9 tell-tale signs of employee burnout

Source | | Rachel Ranosa | Journalist at Human Resources Director

Signs of burnout may surface unnoticeably as just part of another workday: when an exhausted employee is teetering between feeling overwhelmed and feeling drained.

But that occasional misstep you notice in a worker dealing with fatigue or stress can form into a pattern of behaviour.

When it’s no longer just one bad day out of the week – but one bad day after another – it’s time for managers to step in.

Signs of employee burnout
Ben Fanning, author and expert on burnout in the workplace, has identified tell-tales signs of when an employee is about to hit a wall:

#1: After their shift, they are too exhausted to do anything meaningful and enjoyable with peers or family. They would rather retreat into their safe zone than socialise.

#2: When asked about how they’re doing at work, they simply respond with “Fine” and struggle with explaining exactly what they’ve been up to.

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