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4+4 lessons of leadership!

Source | LinkedIn | Vineeth John Abraham

“You meet, greet and look forward to learn something everyday from your role model and when his absence make you think what he taught you over years is exactly this post!”

My learnings with Sarv Saravanan (ex-Senior Vice President & GM, Dell EMC India COE) was always of two phases! 

  1. Ekalavya way
  2. Guru-Chela way

Ekalavya way: 

A young kid always says his role model is his dad or mom. After reading and learning about 1000s of great characters few may think different and others may still stick on to dad & mom. 

For me as a young graduate and fresh out of college Sarv was the first GM and leader I met. People around me often take his name at least 5 times a day! 

1. Confident and clear!

As every other young graduate initial days of me was to learn how to present myself. If I come a little shabby to office my team lead used to tell me, “Don’t go near to Sarv like this, he may ask you to leave right away”! That’s when I started looking at the way how he carries himself, talk and present before 100s of employees in All hands. He is always Confident, clear and attractive! 

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