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5 Benefits of using humor to enhance training effectiveness

By | Akash Chander | Managing Director & Facilitator at Strengthscape Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

It is difficult to tune off when there is something hilarious. You simply wish to continue listening or watching. If humor gets attention, nurtures interest, and conjures up positive and enjoyable emotions, why can’t we use it more frequently when we design a learning experience?  

Humor is a pedagogical technique such as walking on the tightrope. If used well, it would improve learning else at the very least make learning fun. But, if not used appropriately, it may have terrible outcomes. Making use of humor for instructional purposes can be helpful in many ways. While it would be unresponsive for certain training topics, there are several prospects where adding humor would be suitable. 

Let us see few benefits of using humor to enhance training effectiveness. 

  • As humor elicits a positive and pleasant feeling in learners, it creates an enjoyable learning environment. This reduces anxiety in learning about the topic, making them feel more comfortable and confident when interacting during in-person or virtual training sessions. 

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