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5 Concerns When Moving Your Company’s Location

By | Samantha Higgins

Moving your business to a different location can present certain challenges. By planning ahead and making yourself aware of the obstacles that you could encounter because of your move, your relocation will likely be easier for you and your staff to handle. Here are five concerns that you should keep in mind when moving your company’s location.

The Financial Loss

In addition to the cost of the move itself, your business could lose a lot of money if it’s shut down for a prolonged period while you relocate. If you’re able to manage a lot of the responsibilities of your business online, you shouldn’t neglect to perform these duties while you’re in the process of moving. It will also be to your benefit to look at your company’s finances closely to see if you have enough money to provide some financial cushioning before you can restore your business to full operation again. Another way that you could lessen the financial impact on your business is to set up your technology equipment and other items that are needed to complete some of the basic tasks of your business at your new location first before going through the process of shutting down your current location and moving your items.

Customer Concerns

It’s important to make sure that your customers are informed of your move along with the exact dates that your business may have to be closed to relocate. In addition to sending emails and posting information on your company’s website, it’s recommended that you post signs on your building’s front door and around other parts of your business to remind your customers of your moving date. Failing to notify your customers of your intent to move could leave them feeling confused, dissatisfied, or neglected, and this could prompt them to take their business elsewhere. Customers should also know who exactly they can contact at your business if they have concerns that arise while you’re in the middle of your move.

Transporting Items

Getting items from one point to another is always one of the biggest challenges of relocating, but you can have an easier time by hiring the right professionals to help. It’s best to choose movers who have experience in moving different pieces of office equipment and have the right supplies and moving equipment to move your items without causing damage. An auto transport company can also move any company vehicles that you might have using large enclosed moving trucks that can keep all the vehicles in your fleet safe.

Change of Business Name

You may need to change the name of your business if it has a city name, a state name, or another word or phrase in it that won’t be relevant to your new location. As The Balance Small Business explains, changing a business name involves more than just notifying customers or displaying signs with the new name on them. You may also need to obtain a new registration for your business for your new location and submit other documents to local officials to notify them of your name change. The IRS along with the local city or state tax bureaus should also be notified of the name change so that your business can remain legally compliant.

Staffing Issues

Your current employees may not be willing or able to accompany you on your move, which means that you’ll need to hire new staff members to take their positions. Even some of your most loyal employees who initially seem okay with the move could have trouble adjusting to the new location and decide to quit on short notice. Different rules and regulations regarding employees’ rights and what’s expected of them at the new location might also force some of your existing staff members to quit. If you believe that you’ll need to hire a lot of new employees, you should start the hiring process for the new location before you begin moving so that you’ll have a new team that’s ready to work once you get your business up and running again.

Knowing about these factors along with all the other details that go into moving can help make relocating your business a smoother process. By taking care of all the fine details, you’ll be able to start operating at your new location with fewer difficulties.

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