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5 Cool Gadgets That Will Help You While Traveling for Work

By | Jennifer James | Freelance Writer

Some people really enjoy a job that makes them travel. It adds a certain element of adventure to any boring old business trip. Of course, there are always minor inconveniences associated with travel, and your trip probably won’t be an exception. To help alleviate them, let’s look at five gadgets that might help you on your next business trip.

A Good Multi-Tool

Chances are, you won’t be doing any repair work on this trip. At the same time, you never know what life is going to throw your way. That’s why you should invest in a multi-tool to be kept in your vehicle. There are literally millions of situations in which it might come in handy.

Of course, you don’t want to go with a cheap multi-tool. When you need one of these things, you need it to be reliable, so spend a little bit more and get one from a good brand like Leatherman or SOG. Make sure it includes pliers, knife, both types of screwdriver bits, and preferably a file.

Cellphone Signal Boosters

When traveling through remote areas, it is common for a cellphone signal to become spotty. In some cases, it can become so bad that your calls drop every time you go over the next hill. Of course, business trips often involve important business calls, so this is a major annoyance.

One way to deal with that annoyance is by installing a vehicle cellphone booster to amplify your signal. It simply uses an antenna to pick up the weak signal and amplifies it to make it stronger. The improved signal is then re-broadcasted in a short-range field so that you can eliminate dead zones.

A Smart Suitcase

A suitcase is one of the most needed essentials for a trip to store valuables, personal items, and other needed things. Because of this, you might want to examine one of the “smart suitcases” on the market. These have a variety of features including their security assets which allow you to lock all your valuables in one safe place.

Apart from the lock, these suitcases control access through the use of a smart tracking device. If the bag becomes lost, you can easily track it down. Not only that, but the tracking device will let you know if anyone has opened the case in your absence. These things are usually fireproof and well-sealed allowing for peace of mind while travelling.

Wireless Travel Routers

Travelers can also encounter problems with wi-fi service, making wireless travel routers a good solution. Bad wifi reception is a common problem when staying in certain hotels or motels with outdated services. It can also occur in situations where a power outlet or wired router is too far away to be conveniently used.

Most of the time, these wireless routers can also be used to charge a mobile device. Due to their relatively large size (they can still fit in a large pocket), they can hold more than enough charge to get you through the day. That’s a nice bonus feature that could make a big difference if you get stranded.

A Flexible Keyboard

Travel keyboards can be found commonly in stores. They are keyboards with a flexible backing surface, allowing it to be rolled up when not in use. This can save space in your travel bag when on business excursions.No matter what kind of business you do, you will probably need a keyboard for your laptop or mobile device, and this is one of the most space-efficient choices that you can get.

There are a lot of other interesting gadgets out there, any of which can help to make your trip more enjoyable. Even though you are trying to conduct business, you should also try to make things as easy and accommodating as possible. Next time you are planning your next business trip, keep some of these nifty items in mind.

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