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5 Easy Things You Can Do to Be a Better Manager

Being a manager is harder than it looks -- and being a good manager is even more challenging

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Being a manager is harder than it looks from the outside. Being a good manager is even more challenging.

There are countless books and resources out there for anyone who wants to grow and develop as a manager. For most of us, getting promoted into a  role doesn’t come with access to training or mentors, and we often have to learn good management skills on the job.

It’s actually a bit crazy when you think about it, especially when you know that tons of research indicates that people don’t leave companies or organizations; they leave managers and supervisors.

So, what are some low-risk and easy-to-implement steps you can take today that set you up to be a good boss?

1. Be on time for your team members.

I know, this one seems too simple. But the reality is that many managers don’t demonstrate that they value their staff’s time as highly as their own or that of senior leadership.

If you know you’ve been showing up to meetings with your team members late, this is one of the first things you can do to foster trust and respect. Even if being late feels like part of the company  and your boss is late to your meetings, that doesn’t mean this is a healthy or supportive management practice.

Imagine working hard to meet a deadline and going above and beyond in your work only to have your boss show up 15 minutes late to your meeting. Talk about disappointment and frustration. Part of what leads people to  is continual frustration and disappointment, and feeling a lack of control in their work. When your team doesn’t know if or when you’re showing up to meetings, they don’t feel in control of their work and their time, and this in effect pushes them toward burnout.

Even if it means cutting another meeting short, show up on time for meetings with your team members.

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