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5 Employee Rewards and Perks that Increase Productivity

By | Keith Coppersmith

Brands will do anything in their power to impress and retain customers, to improve their reputation in the eyes of their audience, and to draw more people their way, and away from their competitors. But how many companies, yourself included, do you know that invest the same effort, creativity, and budget into impressing their employees? 

More often than not, brands forget that employees are their primary brand ambassadors, or that they have the potential to become ones over time with the right strategy to appeal to them. They are your brand’s voice and your brand’s face in public, and they are the ones who work hard every day on delivering stellar solutions for your business. What do you do to keep them around and to make them feel valued and appreciated?

If you’re sticking to the basics such as a competitive salary and a snazzy office, you need to step up your game. Here are a few handy solutions you can use to give your employees the recognition they need and to motivate them to stay loyal to your business and become your greatest advocates even outside of the office.

Flexibility in their work arrangement 

Ever since we’ve entered our beloved digital era and more companies are working with employees scattered across the globe, those that still have employees at the office should consider extending the same perks and benefits to their on-site teams. So, if your remote graphic designer has the freedom to schedule their work sessions as they please as long as they deliver their work on time and always ensure quality, why should your in-office teams be deprived of such a benefit?

Flexibility is one of the greatest benefits of our constant connectivity. It’s especially important for people who have families and interests outside their work, so encouraging them to strike that fine balance with the right flexible approach can be the perfect way to inspire them to work better and smarter. 

An occasional personalized surprise

We spend the majority of our day at work, even when we work from home and build our own little home office space. Sometimes the little things can make a huge difference to put us in the right work-mode and to inspire greater focus and boost productivity. It can be a branded mug or a flash drive your boss has given you as a little reminder of the great work you’ve done, or an umbrella with your company slogan.

Essentially, useful promotional products designed to serve a purpose and strengthen the emotional bond between your employees and your brand are a great way to boost their productivity. Are your teams too stressed? Handing them quirky stress balls can be very helpful for them to defuse some of that energy and go back to work. Empower their brainstorming sessions with branded notebooks and pens, and they’ll feel like they belong to something greater. 

Education and training 

Every single person wants to evolve and progress in life, and providing them with a vision of their career is a brilliant way to help them become better versions of themselves. Goal-oriented employees understand that they’re not working one day at a time, but that they are working towards several personal and professional goals at the same time – to grow your brand and to grow their expertise. 

You, as their leader and boss are in charge of opportunities they get to advance professionally. One of the most effective ways to ensure your employees feel that they can never stagnate under your wing is to give them learning opportunities and tools every step of the way. Send them to industry-relevant conferences, pay for workshops and classes they’ll benefit from, and bring over teachers to the office who can expand their knowledge from time to time. 

One-on-one feedback sessions

Some businesses implement feedback loops because it’s the latest trend, while others, more successful ones, actually have a way to use that feedback to their advantage. Transparency is a vital quality of any modern company culture, and if your employees don’t feel free to express their opinions and concerns, you risk alienating them and reducing their contribution in the long run. 

For smaller organizations, face-to-face meetings where you ask for feedback are a great way to strengthen that employee-brand bond, but also a wonderful way to empower your teams. Don’t let the process end at collecting data – use that information to improve your operations and let each and every employee know how they’ve contributed to making your business better. They’ll be far more inclined to give feedback in the future and they’ll feel valued.

Go the extra mile with their perks 

Not every employee is eager to hit the gym three times per week. Similarly, not every employee wants to attend the same sporting event that most people are crazy about. Take an interest in what your employees care about, and you’ll be able to treat them to something they’ll genuinely enjoy. 

It can be a spa day for them and their spouse, a concert ticket, or a dinner for two. Listen to their needs, pamper them from time to time, and they’ll be inspired to grow the very same business that appreciates their personal needs and preferences. 

Productivity-boosting is not something that happens overnight or that has a linear path. You need a specific strategy that can help your team advance and be better every day, and these suggestions are merely scratching the surface of all the possibilities that you have at your disposal. Use them, expand them, talk to your employees, and you’ll see their productivity soar over time. 

Keith Coppersmith is a business and marketing expert who has experienced both the rise and fall of many businesses. As a regular contributor at BizzmarkBlog, he enjoys writing and providing insight into the marketing industry based on both practice and theory.

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