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5 Epic Tricks To Enhance Your Company’s Staffing Strategy

By | Taylor Haskings

Hiring the right person the first time can be a serious challenge. Making sure that your interview time and energy are effectively utilized can be a strenuous challenge. Balancing your time with the resources at your disposal is key to enhancing an effective management plan for your business. Working with staffing agencies and other resources can ensure your business is always running at peak performance.

1. Hone Your Interview Skills

Many of us have suffered the frustration of participating in the interview process only to be severely disappointed in the hire. If you work in an industry, that can be stressful and include tighter deadlines. It’s important to improve your interviewing skills in order to ensure you are targeting the right candidate for the right job.

Take care not to put a false face on your business when you bring a potential employee in for a conversation. It’s very easy to come off as overly confident or promote the idea that the job will be manageable within the 40 hours from 8 to 5, Monday thru Friday. However, most industries will call for more. Make your demands clear to ensure you are hiring willing, and eager employees. 

2. Using Current Employees as Recruiters

Consider offering a reward to employees who can refer potential recruits. Depending on your industry, these candidates can be

  • former co-workers
  • old classmates
  • professional organization contact

You can offer a small reward for each resume brought in, a further reward after an interview, and a bonus if a position is accepted. While this may seem a bit mercenary, the tightness in the labor market at this point in time may make it necessary.

Of course, all resumes received from this type of promotion will need to be thoroughly vetted to confirm the required educational level and professional certifications. Depending on the state in which you live, make sure you are careful in checking out their current employer to avoid putting their current job in jeopardy.

3. Be Willing to Test Out Gig Workers

While you’re waiting for resumes to come in after a job posting, consider farming out small chunks of different projects to contract or gig workers. This may be a job that is best assigned by the person who will handle the results.

For example, your marketing team leader should be the one to parcel out a brochure design or new invitation for a promotional event. If you are in the process of cleaning up archival documents, the person who needs to track these items should be the one farming out the data entry.

However, if your current staff is overwhelmed and you have projects that can be bundled and parceled out, do so. A positive experience with a contract worker could lead to a potential new hire that may never have applied to you for a full-time or even a part-time position. The gig economy is loaded with folks who have strong skills.

4. Flexibility

If the pandemic of 2020 taught us anything, is that businesses can become more flexible than they thought. Remote work skyrocketed that year, and businesses are reviewing and implementing entirely new business models.

By embracing the possibility that the best person for the job may be out of state, you may be reviewing applications from employment agencies in Cleveland Ohio, and other areas nationwide. and find an ideal fit for your east coast office. If you offer these employees the chance to work remotely, you can hire someone in a different time zone at a lower salary and create a win-win for everyone involved.

If you’re looking for higher-level positions, you can also use these avenues to secure a top-level executive, manager, or other position. If you find a candidate you have enough confidence in, you may even be able to convince a relocation by offering a fair sign-on bonus.

Jobs that can be done from home have expanded exponentially since 2020. If you can find an ideal remote workforce, be prepared for some of your local workers to ask for the same perk. As possible, allow it. To start, consider offering a hybrid position of 2 days in their home office and 3 days in your facility. Closely monitor their productivity and expand the home office time if it works.

5. Pay a Competitive Wage to New and Existing Employees

Hiring new people at a higher pay rate than your current staff is a path to conflict and unhappy employees. Be prepared to give larger raises, perhaps quarterly, to catch up to what potential new hires are asking.

Of course, you will need to consider their skill, training, and work histories in the final pay offer. You will also need to consider the competition. Losing a seasoned employee over a pay dispute is a terrible waste of training and loyalty. Be as open as you can about your plans to bump up pay across your organization.

Getting and keeping the best people will take a great deal of focus. The tightness in the labor market and pressure on income across the country will put pressure on your HR department for many months. Be ready to invest in all of your people to increase their capability.

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