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5 Features You Need in a Small Business Website

By | Pavan CH

The Coffs Harbour in NSW, Australia, is an entrepreneurship and innovation hub hosting several local businesses. Most of the Coffs coast businesses are small, with most of them being sole trader entities.

Working amidst such competition calls for the help of professionals offering website design Coffs Harbour. A small business with a good website can increase your visibility in the market and enhance your reach.

Here are five main features that are a must-have in a small business website.

An Appealing Visual Design

If your website is attractive, readable, and easy to navigate, you are already halfway through making a good first impression. In Coffs Harbor, small businesses are a significant contributor to the third economic activity.

So, for any business to benefit from the website’s content and visuals, the priorities should depend on its niche and target audience.

One easy route to accomplish this is by working with professionals offering services related to website design in Coffs Harbour.

The Primary Call-To-Action Feature

To determine your site’s call-to-action, you have to ask a straightforward question that you will already know the answer to. What do you want the customers to do on the website?

Once you know this, you can focus on the CTA button or response you will add to the site. The CTA should be a subtle command and an extension of your value proposition. For instance, if you are a small business selling handmade gifts in the markets on the Coffs Coast, you can have a CTA button to either “Add to cart,” “Buy now” options, or the “Learn how to make” option.

Contact Information & Details

Being a small business, you may be based in a small residential street that people will be unaware of. It would help if you did not take chances when it comes to providing contact information on the website.

You should include your email address, physical address, physical location, contact number, and a visual map. Place the contact details in the header and footer of the site.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

If a local visits the Park Beach Plaza on the Pacific Highway in Coffs Harbor to visit a speciality shop, they indeed will talk to their friends and family about the place and may even leave a review on the shop’s social handle.

When others are talking about a particular service or product, humans will naturally gravitate towards it, and it tends to affect their buying decision. You can work with a specialised agency for website design in Coffs Harbour and develop concepts to add trust badges like security and payment seals, customer testimonials, and reviews to the site.

Impeccable Content

Even if the site lacks in any other areas, the content can significantly elevate its quality. Content mainly involves blogs, the website’s actual content, video content, and more. Each of these contributes much to the site’s visibility and plays a significant part in lead generation and conversion rates.

Start a good content marketing campaign with concepts that relate to your small business. Keep the contents updated to stay in the loop.

If you have a website that can be a part of your efforts to convert leads into customers effectively, the website will pay for itself. Being a small business, if you run it correctly, the site can even be a nurturing and lead generation tool to boost your conversion rates.

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