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5 Foolproof Tips To Make Your Mentorship Count

Source | FastCompany : By JON SIMMONS

You took the first step and asked someone to be your mentor. Congrats! Whether you chose this seasoned pro to help you hone specific skills or to give you long-term career advice, it’s up to you to drive the relationship—so you get the most out of the time you’re both putting in.

“When you work with a mentor who can give you a lay of the land, support you when you’re faltering, and help keep your goals on track, you’ll get from A to B faster and more intelligently because you learn how to avoid common pitfalls and stay dedicated to your process,” says Gerard Adams, cofounder of media company Elite Daily, entrepreneur, and self-made millionaire.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? It’s a give and take, but with these tips, you’ll be able to maximize your mentorship and jumpstart your career.


If you’re the type of go-getter who’s upping your job game with the help of a mentor, you’re probably a motivated, driven and accomplished person yourself. But in this role, you’ve got to remember that you’re the student, and he or she is the teacher. So relax and allow yourself to be taught. That means respecting your mentor’s opinion, considering everything they say carefully, and ultimately, taking your ego down a notch.

“In mentorship, it’s important to be a good listener,” says Adams. “Many people don’t take constructive criticism well and can’t manage their ego that tells them they’re always right. Know that you are always going to be learning, and be willing to listen when advice is brought to the table.”

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